What you need to know before considering overseas dental trips

Overseas dental tourism is becoming more and more popular as the cost and experience often appeals to patients seeking a new smile… but is it worth it in the end?

At South Burnett Dental Group in Kingaroy we treat patients with the highest quality services, ensuring we are following all Australian standards and using the most innovative technology. For those patients who are looking to improve and enhance their smiles, we recommend staying in the country for your safety, the quality of work and to ensure you have access to your aftercare needs. One of the biggest problems with seeking overseas dental treatments in countries like Thailand or Bali, is the language barrier. The most important thing when undergoing dental treatment is communication, this means you need the ability to inform your dentist about your dental needs and concerns. Here at our Kingaroy dental practice we pride ourselves on listening to our patients and keeping them informed throughout every stage of their treatment.

Safety first- the safe solution is the best solution

In Australia our dental industry is regulated with tight restrictions, standards and quality control, this cannot always be said for other overseas industries. When receiving full mouth reconstructions or even simple cosmetic enhancements- every treatment carries some risks. The security of receiving treatment in a country that you feel comfortable in, is the first step in receiving a successful treatment. If something goes wrong in an overseas country you are not only financially responsible for the damages that will need repaired but you won’t have the same support system you have back home. At South Burnett dental group we encourage patients to bring in family members for support before a major treatment and we take extra precautions to ensure all safe and effective.

The quality of dental professionals and technology

The schooling, the standards and the quality of dental professionals in some overseas countries are not comparable to standards in Australia. When choosing an overseas dental professional there is no guarantee their qualifications are adequate or even legitimate. Here at South Burnett Dental group our team of highly qualified dental professionals are proud to share their intensive schooling required to maintain their position at our Kingaroy dental practice.

Ensuring your after care needs are taking care of

After receiving dental treatment, you often require a follow-up appointment and you definitely still need to maintain your regular six monthly check-ups. When receiving an overseas dental treatment you often don’t have time to visit for a follow-up treatment and you would certainly spend more money and time flying away every six months for your hygiene appointment. At South Burnett Dental Group we are always available for follow up appointments, dental check-ups and can see you if any concerns come up in between visits. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our patients and ensuring that they feel comfortable at our practice.

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