Help repair your damaged tooth with a crown or bridge

As a result of a large cavity or filling, teeth become weak and in some cases may begin to crack or break away. In these cases it is important to restore the tooth in a way that provides strength and support. A crown is custom made for your tooth. It covers and protects the remaining tooth structure and prevents further breakage. Crowns are also highly recommended to strengthening root filled teeth. They offer protection for the root filling and prevent cracking or fracturing of the remaining weakened tooth.

Bridges are an option to replace missing teeth and fill in gaps

A bridge replaces a missing a tooth. Crowns on the neighbouring teeth support a floating tooth made of ceramic to provide a natural looking replacement. Bridges have a number of advantages including restoring your natural bite, enhance your chewing function, prevent unnatural stress on other teeth, prevent teeth drifting out of their natural position and overall enhance your smile.