Your health and safety is our priority.

You will be very happy to know that our infection control protocols and procedures ensure the highest level of safety for you as our patients, our team and our visitors by strictly adhering to nationally recommended infection control protocols.

These protocols are based upon guidelines set by Standards Australia, the Australian Dental Association and AHPRA.

Our promise to you

We review our methods on a regular basis so that they always remain current and up to date. As a health care provider, maintaining effective infection control measures is very important to us.

Upholding high standards

We maintain an Infection Control Management Plan (ICMP) which makes us compliant with the Public Health Act 2005 (Qld). The protocols that we adhere to as part of the ICMP include:

  • Vaccination policy
  • Sterilizing room management
  • Glove, mask and bib management
  • Reporting & managing accidental injury
  • Potential contaminated spills management
  • Correct use, handling and storage of chemical agent
  • Pre & post procedure cleaning & daily & weekly cleaning
  • Sterilizing & tracking instruments & equipment in a way that either meets or exceeds Australian standards

Our equipment and surgery environment is also regularly maintained to meet compliancy requirements. All of our team members receive training and know the utmost importance of following protocols at all times.

Care beyond measure

We are proud to say that South Burnett Dental Group is a very safe place to visit, to receive dental treatment and to work in. It is our goal to ensure you feel at ease about your appointment  during your visit at our Kingaroy dental practice.

Have questions? Please ask us.