Prevent your teeth from disease and decay

Preventive dentistry is designed to find and treat the signs of dental disease and decay before they progress into more serous dental problems. During your general examination at South Burnett Dental Group we will assess your mouth for any signs of periodontal disease, cavities or the spread of bacteria. To help prevent any further disease from spreading we will scale and clean your teeth during this examination also.

Preventive dentistry at home

The best way to maintain your healthy, happy smile is by ensuring you are brushing and flossing daily and visiting every six months for hygiene treatment. When brushing your teeth you should be spending two minutes each morning and evening and effectively doing the job. When brushing you should be reaching the surfaces of all your teeth, that means the front and back along with the chewing surfaces of each tooth. Flossing is equally as important and should be done at least once daily to remove any food or bacteria between your teeth.

Preventive dentistry in our practice

Here at South Burnett Dental Group we can treat your gum disease problems if detected in the early stages which is why we encourage patients to visit every six months to ensure their mouth is assessed and treated is necessary. For more severe cases you may require full periodontal treatment with a specialist.