A dazzling smile can ignite a room, projecting an image of self-assurance and esteem and now it can be yours!

Throughout your life it is a fact that your teeth will wear and may even need replacing. Our once vibrant smile may need a little help in later years. Our experienced team at South Burnett Dental Group know our patients always want to look and feel their best which is why we go to great lengths to create natural looking teeth that are functional and comfortable. Giving you back the smile you once loved.

We offer the following Dentures:

Custom made dentures

Custom made dentures have specially shaded teeth and gums, gold or silver fillings and other characteristics that duplicate natural teeth. Because of this, they cost more than other types of dentures. Because dentures fracture and chip more easily than natural teeth, you may want to have a spare set, particularly if you travel a lot. An interchangeable spare set, which is a complete duplicate of the original, may be the best option if you require a perfect smile at all times.

Also remember that no dentures last forever. In fact, if the teeth are made of plastic, and most of them are, they may show wear within three to six years. If you grind your teeth, you can expect to show tooth wear in half that time. Therefore, be sure to have your dentures rebased, relined or remade when necessary so that your smile remains natural.

Conventional dentures

Fitting conventional dentures typically requires three to six office visits after all of the teeth have been removed and tissue has healed.

It is up to you during these visits to pass judgement on the look and fit of the dentures. Your clinician will advise you on colour, tooth type and lip position.

Conventional dentures cost about the same as immediate dentures.

Full denture

Treatment time is two to four weeks for full dentures and maintenance involves cleaning after meals to remove and prevent stains on the dentures. Your full denture can provide aesthetically pleasing results and last for five to ten years on average.


  • Maximum aesthetics possible
  • More youthful appearance obtainable
  • Can maintain and recreate lip and cheek support, avoiding sinking facial tissue and an aged appearance
  • Can improve speech 

Do you need your teeth removed?

If you are a patient in need of single or full mouth extractions, we can help. Our dentist will consult with you prior to your surgery to determine any concerns or fears you may have. Based on your initial consultation our dentist will prescribe a treatment plan that best fits your needs. We offer same day repairs to ill-fitting dentures and re-align dentures should they not fit comfortably.