Tooth-friendly drinks to get you through the summer

Keep the kids happy and decay-free with homemade 100% fruit juice.

As dentists, we are often asked by our patients which drinks are best for our children to consume. As we discussed back in August during Dental Health Week, 33% of Australian parents admitted to allowing their children to have soft drinks/fruit juice and energy drinks 4 or more times a week. As a general rule, we would normally recommend water and milk as beverages of choice for your children. However recent research from the US has found that drinks made from 100% fruit juice won’t cause tooth decay for your children.

Choosing the most appropriate juices for your family

It is important to consider that not all juices will be good for your teeth. Concentrates and ‘fruit drinks’ are generally only a percentage of actual juice. This means that although it might look harmless, it probably has been watered down and had sugar added.

If you prefer to purchase pre-bought juice drinks, your safest bet is to pick the ones with 100% fruit juice only. Many people remain unaware that purchased juice drinks described as ‘made from concentrate’ may contain high levels of sugar and acid, consequently damaging the teeth.

What is reconstituted juice?

You’ll notice with store bought juices that the label will often say 100% reconstituted juice. According to Fruit Juice Australia, for a juice to become reconstituted it is first squeezed using juicing machines then ‘condensed’ by removing water using heat. The concentrate left over is then transported to factories around Australia where the water is added back to the concentrate.

Is reconstituted juice as healthy as homemade juice?

Unfortunately reconstituted juice doesn’t hold the same nutritional qualities of freshly squeezed juice. The enzymes needed to boost the immune system and assist with effective food metabolism are lost in the heating and reconstitution process. The natural Vitamin C levels are depleted and then added back in artificially by the manufacturer.

Making juices at home

When it comes to the best juices for your family, we suggest making them fresh from home. Homemade juices can have great nutritional value for your family and are a tasty alternative to water and milk.

Don’t like having to use up so much fruit in order to make juice?

Homemade juice doesn’t have to be limited to being made using a juicing machine. Now with access to high-speed and durable blenders, putting together a healthy juice at home can be as simple as blending them up with a bit of extra water.

The consistency may be a little thicker, but think of it as a fruit juice smoothie with all the added benefits of eating the fruits fresh. You can even pop this mix in the freezer and turn them into no-added-sugar-popsicles for a later date.

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